A cell phone directory is required when you have to know the address or location of a particular person and also who is calling you in case you get calls from an unknown number. The initial step to this search is looking on the internet on yellow pages or in the phone directory, and if the required information is not available in any of the above-mentioned sources, then you can purchase a subscription from the cellular firms with the goal that you can access their database and get the required results. However, the mobile phone companies are very strict and will not provide you any information related to a particular cell number due to privacy reasons.

It may contain all type of numbers which can be landline numbers, cell numbers as well as listed and unlisted numbers. No kind of information is provided by the telephone companies free of cost to anyone, and as such you need to have a valid credit card to buy the subscription of the directory and one main reason for charging is that you cannot utilize the same for any illegal purposes.

However, if you don’t want to pay for the services of the directory you can scan for the phone numbers on the internet on yellow pages or white pages and phone books and you can also use the search engines such as Google and yahoo for the same. In any case, you can simply turn upward in the cell phone directory if you have bought the subscription of the same, and it will provide you with all the information such as the name of the person, the address of the person and the location as well.

The main purpose of buying the subscription and registration is that the cell phone companies want to make sure that you are not using any information illegally. Important information that you can find is that whether the number is a cell number or a land line number and also where the number is registered and located. The best part that is all the paid subscriptions are registered and legally you can use them.


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