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Can your cell phone be tapped? You may have asked yourself this question, and your guess is as good as mine. Cell phones have become an extension of human life. We rely on cell phone use on a daily basis and just like internet, mobile phones have made the world a global village. While these mobile devices have made life a lot easier, they have also been a source of financial losses, emotional as well as psychological trauma and countless law suits.

There are powerful softwares designed to snoop into all your conversations and intercept every message you send from your mobile phone. Spy software designed to work in the background have the capability to mine data including security codes. Perhaps femtocell is one of the most recent inventions that make a mockery of “advanced security level” talk by most mobile phone manufacturers. Femtocell is a wireless network extender designed to boost poor network reception.

Used with software that is freely available on internet, femtocell imitates a cell tower making it capable of picking phone signals within a radius of 40 feet. This device not only give way in to your conversations, but also intercepts your messages, photos and retrieves your username/ login details and password. You have a valid reason to worry if you are logging in to your bank’s website through your cell phone browser. Are you still asking can cell phones be tapped? Well, ask no further because now you know better.

Whether legitimate or not, individuals, private investigators and the government have a tendency to tap your cellphone without your knowledge. Some of the tell tell signs that your phone has been tapped include unexplained increase in use of data, increased temperature of the battery despite the phone not being in use. Static sounds and echo during a phone call, phone taking long to shut down and a tendency to quickly lose charge are also some additional signs that your phone has been tapped.

While these are indicators that your phone has been tapped, there is a possibility that transmission interference and malfunction due to long term use of a mobile device can instigate the above mentioned signs. Nevertheless, if you are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that your cellphone has been tapped, you can check with your cellphone carrier for assistance.


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