How to track a cell phone

Did you know you can track a cell phone without downloading and installing a tracking app on it? Google has made it very easy to track most android devices without downloading any software. This is possible through the use of the android device manager which is built in to many android phones. All you need is a Google account to be able to use the android device manager on your phone. Once your account is set and your device’s location access feature is turned on, you can use any online device to track down your cell phone. It’s important to remember the device manager will not work for cell phones that are turned off or don’t have Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Here’s how you go about it.

Connect a laptop, iPad or any other device to the internet. Go to the android device manager account login page and sign in with the Google account you used on your phone. If your device’s location access feature is on, the location of your device will be displayed on Google maps. It’s that easy. If you decide to track the device using another mobile phone that does not have the android device manager built in, you can download the application from Google Play store. Should you choose to use the app instead of using the web browser, ensure you sign in via “guest mode” and then enter your Google account details to track your phone’s location.

Apart from helping to track a cell phone, the device manager also enables the owners to ring their phones even if they had them on silent mode, wipe their data and even lock their phones. Please note, the lock and erase features must be turned on for your phone via the device manager settings for them to be applied at will.

Using the android device manager is the most convenient way of tracking your mobile without downloading an app.


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