ipod touch

The iPod Reset Utility is one of the best features on the iPod. Let me tell you why! Do you have an iPod that has a lot of apps and music that you want to delete, but you do not want to go through the whole process? Well, there is an easy way for you to do that. This process is known as the iPod Reset Utility. Understand that the iPod Rest Utility performs a factory reset on the device, which means everything will be deleted from the iPod; it will be as if the iPod just came out of the factory – hence the name, but it will also install the up-to-date iPod software. Also, not all iPods can perform this task. To see if your iPod can, google – identify your iPod model, and on the site, it should tell you if you can.

First, you have to download the iPod Reset Utility on your computer, which is available for both Macs and Windows; you can find the website by googling iPod Reset Utility – just make sure that the link takes you to an apple website; on there, you will find the download link for Windows and Macs.

After you clicked on the link and the installation is complete, you are ready to use this feature. First, quit all running apps on your computer. Second, connect your iPod to your computer by using the USB port, making sure that the USB port is connected to both the computer and iPod. Then, click the reset button, which can be found on the iPod Reset Utility. If asked, enter the administrator’s name and password. When complete, quit iPod Reset Utility, and open iTunes to load your music back into your phone. On the iTunes site, there should be a restore button; click it and all your music will be downloaded back into your device.


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