Cute Cell Phone Stands For Selfies

by Edmundas V.
Cell Phone Stands For Selfies

If you’re a serious cell phone (and lots of people who love the idea do) photographer, then you need a cell phone tripod. It sounds like a no brainer, doesn’t it? Let’s discuss why cell phone photographers should spend more on their tripod.

Here is what I found when I took apart several different cell phone tripod sets. Tripods are one of the most important things you need to carry with you when you travel. A good tripod is one of the few items you don’t need to skimp on. The cheap $10 types are pretty much useless for anything other than raising your cell phone up off the floor a few inches.

I know people who have spent hundreds on a variety of tripods because they wanted something that would hold up against all weather conditions. I got a recommendation from my girlfriend and checked out all the different companies out there that made cell phone tripods. What I saw was a complete lack of options in terms of size, weight, material and how it held up. Most of the tripods were made out of flimsy plastic that would break within just a few months. I was spending close to a thousand dollars on a tripod so I figured I should look into a bit more reliable options.

My recommendation to anyone looking to invest in a good cell phone tripod would be to invest in a carrying case. This makes sense because you are carrying something pretty heavy and solid around with you all the time. That is exactly what you are doing when you are taking pictures of people. People tend to walk funny when they are nervous or excited about an upcoming event. You will be doing just that when you are taking photos of them-sitting awkwardly while trying not to trip over your camera.

There are some cases out there that will actually make that happen. These carry handles are very sturdy and will not damage your camera as you walk around. I like the idea of a carrying case, because it means that I do not have to worry about my tripod breaking as I am lugging it around all day. If anything, I probably would not carry it by the side of the road because I am probably going to fall off anyway. Some of these come with wheels so you can pull it along behind you without having to worry about putting any weight on your back. This is important because carrying a cell phone tripod on your back may be a bit too much for some women to do.

One company out there has actually created a smartphone tripod that will allow you to take gorgeous selfies even while you are on the go. I did not even know this was possible until I saw it on the Internet. The Zeiss lensar 4K Ultra HD Camera Tripod is made for use with the Sony Xperia S. This tripod is not for everyone though but it is certainly worth checking out if you are interested in taking high quality selfies and videos. Just remember though, if you want something that will not damage your smartphone then get the $50 tripod that Amazon has for sale. You will not regret the purchase!

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