Review of Costco Cell Phones

by Edmundas V.
Review of Costco Cell Phones

The Costco cell phones store is one of the few places to get an unlimited plan with a network that is dependable and reliable. It has one of the most attractive free gifts and offers in the wireless industry. They have been providing excellent customer service, and more than enough value and features for their customers. This article will review some of the best features of Costco cell phones. I will review their prepaid phones, their entry-level phones, their premier phones, their corporate phones, and their global phones.

The key selling point of the Costco cell phone is their unlimited nationwide plans. These have been the keys to their success and helped them compete with other companies offering nationwide plans. Their plans have eighteen different calling locations in fourteen states plus the one federal state they operate in. Each costco cellular phone plan comes with a free gift or two, and some of these are worth five star reviews. The plans include many different calling minutes, prepaid minutes after twelve months, unlimited text messages, and a large selection of calling plans.

The phone stores sell some of the lowest prices in the country. When purchasing a phone from them, be sure you understand all the service options. One option is their priority access shop card which allows you to shop with an authorized representative twenty-four hours a day. If you don’t want to shop at their store, you can also purchase your phone online through their website and have your phone shipped directly to your home.

The second key selling feature of the Costco cell phones is their same-day delivery and military discount. Military members are entitled to same-day delivery when purchasing a cellular phone from their store. Same-day delivery can save you up to two thirds off the cost of your purchase. You also get a same-day delivery for the major features like texts, pictures, and Internet usage. In addition, if you pay via the Internet, you also get a same-day delivery for your digital camera purchases as well.

Some of the nicest features of the cell phones are their voice dialing and their customizable ringtones. With Voice Dialing, when someone calls you answer with a favorite greeting or song, it will automatically dial your phone with that music. For ringtones, you can get seven different voice tones and activate them whenever you like.

In addition to the phone’s voice dialing and ringtones, the Costco cell phones also offer their standard text messaging and Internet calling features. Text messages are sent at set intervals, and text messages are priced per message. They also have free email access and can add up to 14 days of unlimited plans. On top of their terrific features, they offer great warranties, a one-year warranty on their parts and accessories, and a two-year warranty on their labor and services.

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