Bluetooth Mouse – A Great Way to Make the Most of Your Work Place

by Edmundas V.
bluetooth mouse

If you’re considering buying a Bluetooth Mouse, then this article should give you some basic information about the different types of Bluetooth Mouse currently available. Bluetooth Mouse is a wireless peripheral. These are simply two of today’s most popular forms of mice. The primary difference is a that a tracks motion with an infrared laser, while an traditional optical mouse merely reflects light off of its surface. Laser mice, though, can be utilized on various different surfaces since it doesn’t reflect off of the surface at all. So, which is right for you?

For starters, you should think about whether or not you need Bluetooth devices and how frequently you’ll be using them. Most people, however, use USB devices more often. Why is this? Simply because you don’t have to physically connect your computer to your keyboard or mouse. You can simply use a USB hub to conveniently carry around and use many different bluetooth mice at once.

Some USB peripherals connect wirelessly to your computer. These types of peripherals, like printers, scanners, etc., should be considered when determining whether or not they should be considered on your list. However, bluetooth mice function just as well without using any USB ports. The only thing you would lose is a mouse pad, although you would lose out on some of the functions that a USB device offers. For example, some bluetooth mice offer wireless tracking as an option and they can track your motion just as quickly as a wired device.

Other factors to consider are functionality and ergonomics. If you spend a lot of time sitting in one place, with your mouse positioned at your feet, you might want to look at something that provides good ergonomic benefits. The good news is, most modern mice now have a great array of features designed to make working in the office easier and more comfortable. For example, most bluetooth mice have click-free, auto-fire, scroll-less buttons and will stay on target even when you are using a PC for an extended period of time. Microsoft has spent considerable research to ensure that the mice available today are the most comfortable to use in terms of ergonomics and functionality, so if you are in the market for a new mouse, you should definitely check out a Microsoft arc mouse.

The light bar on the Microsoft mouse is another piece of technology designed to help you find your way around the office and easily navigate between files, folders and web pages. This LED light bar is powered by the Bluetooth devices itself, so it doesn’t matter if you’re using a Bluetooth headset, mouse or keyboard. The light bar can be seen clearly from almost any angle, which makes it very easy to find where you are in the building and exactly what you are trying to do. Many wireless mice will have a separate light bar for this very reason, so make sure you check this out when purchasing your Bluetooth mice like the Microsoft Wireless Mouse with bluetooth antenna.

Another important piece of wireless technology for Bluetooth mice is USB functionality. This is used to communicate with other computers, printers and other peripherals, so make sure you include this feature in your purchase if you are looking to use Bluetooth devices with your computer. The USB connectivity will allow you to use a larger number of devices without having to configure every single one separately. Just make sure that the device you are planning to use has a hub, because otherwise you will need hubs with multiple ports for all your peripherals. Other features like the scroll wheel, auto-fire and auto scrolls will also add to the comfort and convenience of your mouse, so take a look at some additional features and see which ones you feel are most useful to you.

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