About us

by Dan Williams

We are a supplier of popular consumer electronics at discounted prices. We source our products in bulk from a variety of reliable and cost effective sources in order to pass the savings directly to the consumer. 

Our #1 goal is your satisfaction and we aim to get your discounted product into your hands as quick as possible.

We want to have your business and will work hard by showing you we mean to provide you a valuable service.

We are not some fortune 500 company bent on dominating the world but know the business of consumer electronics.

Since 2007 we have saved consumers hundreds of thousands in discounted electronics through our sister parent company. We now aim to provide you the same savings and service through our online web presence in Electronics King.

Whether you are looking for the latest gadget or just an affordable one delivered fast to your door we will always strive to have it in stock for you.

If we do not have a product in stock feel free to let us know by sending an email to:  [email protected]  and we will come back with an answer on whether or not we can obtain it for you at a great price!

To all of you, from all of us at Electronics King – Thank you and Happy Shopping!




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